• My writing I just completed. Heart it hope u like it :D
    Why do you keep hurting me- dragging me in this hell this agony- i get tired of fucking up my life-ready to die- ill be dead in the morning death by a suicide- cops wont even know what happened to me- ilkl slit my wrist just let them bleed- and with my last breath i wont even breathe- your the 1 who did this to me- watch my heart beat- cause this is the last time you will ever see me breathe- your the 1 who killed me cause your love is a ducking disease- your cowardly denying the fact that you love me-even though i put thought into this u still look above me- like i was never good enough but to tell you the truth now i dont give a fuck- you think i care then your wrong- you left me so lonely as cold as a stone- fuck all intention im glad your gone

  • I fucking hate preps that are country and post screamo lyrics like Wtf. You make fun of us because we listen to different music, well u can get the fuck over it. I'm tired if preps